TrekTalk – Episode 1


  1. Co-Hosts’ bios and introduction to the new podcast
  2. Federation News Service:  IDW’s Star Trek Deviations comic due in March 2017
  3. Quark’s Bazaar: Star Trek Adventures RPG from Modiphius, Star Trek The Roddenberry Vault blue ray set, Star Trek Encyclopedia by Denise and Michael Okuda.
  4. The Holodeck: Recapping our latest session of FASA’s Star Trek Roleplaying Game – A sequel to the TOS Episode “Operation — Annihilate!”
  5. Hailing Frequencies Open: Talking Star Trek Discovery!

IDW Comics – Star Trek Comics

Modiphius – Star Trek Adventures RPG

FASA Star Trek The Role Playing Game (Out of print)

Star Trek Encyclopedia

Star Trek: The Roddenberry Vault