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Trek Talk: A Star Trek Podcast – Episode 11

Federation News Service:

  • Quentin Tarantino Star Trek?
  • Two new Star Trek: Discovery novels announced
  • Star Trek: Discovery and The Orville renewed for second seasons
  • Apollo astronaut John Young passes away

Phaser Blast from the Past

  • The Best of Trek

Hailing Frequencies Open

  • Our review of Star Trek: Discovery episode 10 “Despite Yourself”

Trek Talk: A Star Trek Podcast – Special Breaking News Episode!

CBS releases first Trailer for Star Trek Discovery!  We talk about our first impressions.$null$null$star%20trek%20cbs


Trek Talk: A Star Trek Podcast – Episode 7

This Episode

  • Star Trek: Discovery Casting News.
  • Star Trek Comic Book artist Megan Levens! Megan joins the entire podcast to discuss her career working in the Comic Book industry, her Geek roots, Star Trek, and Star Wars: The Last Jedi teaser trailer!

Show Notes – Megan Levens

Trek Talk: A Star Trek Podcast – Episode 6

In this episode:

  • Ashley promoted to Co-Host!
  • We interview ‎Guy McLimore and Greg Poehlein who, along with David Tepool, designed FASA’s Star Trek The Roleplaying Game first published in 1982!

Show notes:

The GeekDad blog has a comprehensive post on ST:TRPG with many pictures of the products released in the 1980’s. You can find many of these products on eBay, Amazon, and various online gaming stores today.


Trek Talk: A Star Trek Podcast – Episode 5

Guest co-host Ashley returns for a lively show!  You won’t want to miss this one!

Federation News Service:

  • CBS Chief Les Moonves told investors that Star Trek: Discovery will premiere in late Summer or early Fall 2017.
  • Two new Star Trek: Discovery cast members announced!
  • Eaglemoss Star Trek Graphic Novel Collection

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