Trek Talk: A Star Trek Podcast – Episode 5

Guest co-host Ashley returns for a lively show!  You won’t want to miss this one!

Federation News Service:

  • CBS Chief Les Moonves told investors that Star Trek: Discovery will premiere in late Summer or early Fall 2017.
  • Two new Star Trek: Discovery cast members announced!
  • Eaglemoss Star Trek Graphic Novel Collection

Quark’s Bazaar

TrekTalk – Episode 3

In this episode:

  • Guest co-host Ashley!
  • Remembering Miguel Ferrer, February 7, 1955 – January 19 2017
  • Second postponement of Star Trek: Discovery and new cast member announcement – James Frain to play Sarek!
  • Breaking Star Trek: Discovery news as we went into post-production – our detailed discussion on the sneak-peek behind the scenes video released by CBS.


TrekTalk – Episode 2

In this episode:

  • Star Trek news, including the upcoming start of filming of Star Trek Discovery, an update on the Axanar lawsuit, and the passing of Gemini and Apollo Astronaut Gene Cernan.
  • Eaglemoss’ Official Starship Collection!
  • An update on our FASA Star Trek RPG campaign
  • We discuss our feelings on JJ-Trek / Kelvin timeline movies (ST 2009, Into Darkness, ST Beyond, and speculation on Star Trek “4”

TrekTalk – Episode 1


  1. Co-Hosts’ bios and introduction to the new podcast
  2. Federation News Service:  IDW’s Star Trek Deviations comic due in March 2017
  3. Quark’s Bazaar: Star Trek Adventures RPG from Modiphius, Star Trek The Roddenberry Vault blue ray set, Star Trek Encyclopedia by Denise and Michael Okuda.
  4. The Holodeck: Recapping our latest session of FASA’s Star Trek Roleplaying Game – A sequel to the TOS Episode “Operation — Annihilate!”
  5. Hailing Frequencies Open: Talking Star Trek Discovery!

IDW Comics – Star Trek Comics

Modiphius – Star Trek Adventures RPG

FASA Star Trek The Role Playing Game (Out of print)

Star Trek Encyclopedia

Star Trek: The Roddenberry Vault